Alya Catamaran

Experience the “Enchanted Islands” on board the M/C Alya Luxury Cruise, also known as “The Jewel of Galapagos” due to its design representing the perfection, the beauty and uniqueness of this unique paradise.

Enjoy the majesty of a golden experience, delightful cuisine and personalized service in a comfortable and exclusive environment.

A ship created with highest quality standards on navigation including a state-of-the-art technology in order to show the best of the Galapagos Islands.
Taking care of the details when you cruise the archipelago, you will experience luxury in a whole new concept.


THU am: Santa Cruz: Black Turtle Cove
FRI am: Genovesa: Darwin Bay
pm: Genovesa: Barranco
SAT am: Santiago: Sullivan Bay
pm: Bartolome: Bartolome
SUN am: Santiago: Chinese Hat
pm: Mosquera: Mosquera
MON am: Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
MON pm: Santa Cruz: Highlands
TUE am: Isabela: Moreno Point
pm: Isabela: Elizabeth Bay
WED am: Isabela: Urbina Bay
pm: Fernandina: Espinoza Point
THU am: Isabela: Tagus Cove
pm: Isabela: Vicente Roca Point
FRI am: Santiago: Espumilla Beach
pm: Santiago: Egas Port
SAT am: Santa Cruz: Bachas Beach
SAT pm: Seymour: Seymour
SUN am: Plazas: South Plazas
pm: Santa Fe: Santa Fe
MON am: San Cristobal: Interpretation Center / Kicker Rock
pm: San Cristobal: Lobos Island
TUE am: Española: Gardner Bay
pm: Española: Suarez Point
WED am: Floreana: Cormorant Point/Devil’s Crown
pm: Floreana: Alieri Hill
THU am: Santa Cruz: Highlands




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