La Selva Lodge

Located within Ecuador’s Yasuní Biosphere Reserve and on the borders of the famous Yasuní National Park — one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet — La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat was among the first Amazon rainforest lodges in Ecuador and today is still regarded as the premier eco lodge in Ecuador’s Amazon basin.

Uniquely located on the shores of stunning Lake Garzacocha, a full 70 km into the rainforest from the nearest urban center, the lodge is a veritable cocoon of comfort and luxury, offering breathtaking views of the incredible life in the Amazon from wherever you are.

La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat is Golden Experiences & Travel’s latest acquisition, marking its expansion across the four regions of Ecuador as a full-service luxury travel company.


Day 1
After the flight to El Coca, a two-hour journey by motorized canoe along the Napo River to La Selva begins, with a provided box lunch and beverages. The last stretch is completed on a rowing canoe upon arrival at the lodge’s dock, taking care of only hand luggage. The manager welcomes guests with drinks and a briefing about the stay. After resting, a guide provides information about the jungle and La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat.

Day 2
After a 15-minute walk, guests reach a 120-foot observation tower. Guides showcase birds and possibly primates using binoculars. Thirty minutes from the tower is Mandi Cocha, a lake surrounded by diverse vegetation. There’s a chance to spot giant otters, an endangered species.

Day 3
Following breakfast, a return trip via motorized canoe along the Napo River leads to the collpa, where hundreds of parrots and parakeets gather to feed on mineral-rich clay, essential in their diet. In the indigenous community of Pilchi, guests learn about ancestral life in the Amazon, from clothing to forest uses. They’re encouraged to try traditional drinks and foods while interacting with the community and learning about their culture and environment.

Day 4
As per the pre-briefing, the day begins with an early wake-up call, breakfast, and departure from the lodge. Staff assists with luggage, guests travel upstream by motorized canoe back to Coca, and they are taken to La Selva’s office for restroom use.

After a short break, guests are guided to the airport with assistance for check-in and luggage.

Day 1
At the Quito International Airport, a La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat representative will meet you at the National Departures area, assisting with check-in and providing information about the trip. After a short flight to El Coca, another representative will take you in a private vehicle to their office at the Napo River dock.

Then, a two-hour journey in a motorized canoe will immerse you into the Amazon rainforest. A box lunch and drinks will be provided for this stretch. Upon arrival at La Selva’s dock, you’ll complete the journey to the lodge on a rowing canoe, taking care only of your hand luggage and photographic equipment.

The manager will welcome you with drinks, snacks, and an informative session about your stay at La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat.

Day 2
After a short walk, you’ll reach a 120-foot observation tower. Guides will showcase colorful birds and possibly primates through binoculars. Thirty minutes from the tower lies Mandi Cocha, a lake with diverse vegetation that highlights the beauty of the flooded forest. There’s a possibility of spotting giant otters, an endangered species, during this unique visit.

Day 3
Following breakfast, a return trip via motorized canoe along the Napo River leads to the collpa, where hundreds of parrots and parakeets gather to ingest minerals essential in their diet. Binoculars are handy for appreciating this natural spectacle.

In the indigenous community of Pilchi, you’ll learn about ancestral life in the Amazon, from clothing to forest uses in daily life. Encouragement to ask questions, try traditional foods and drinks is extended, as the community enjoys sharing their knowledge and promoting their culture and environment.

Day 4
In the Yasuní National Park, the adventure includes visiting a collpa where red macaws and parrots gather to drink sodium-rich water. Mammals such as deer, wild pigs, and even tapirs might also be spotted.

Later, a pleasant stroll through this unique forest allows encountering exclusive primate species. Although the park hosts the country’s last isolated indigenous tribe, due to their isolation, it’s unlikely to spot them during the visit.

Day 5
As per the information provided the night before, the day begins with an early call, breakfast, and departure from the lodge. The lodge staff assists with checked luggage, and a motorized canoe journey upstream returns you to Coca. Once in Coca, La Selva representatives accompany you to the office to use the bathrooms.

After a brief rest, transportation to the airport is organized, providing assistance with check-in and checked luggage.

The jungle is a great place to be a kid! At La Selva Lodge you can kayak around the lake as you look for monkeys, climb up into our canopy tower to look for birds and swing on vines like Tarzan!
Kids get to do all of the regular great La Selva fun stuff, like hike in the jungle, ride the canoes around the lake and look for wildlife with trained, English-speaking guides.
But because we love them so much, kids get some extras, too!
– Special kit for adventurers
– Crayons for drawing pictures of their day
– Excursions with specially trained guides
– Magnifying glasses to see tiny wildlife close-up
Your kids are a bit finicky, you say? No problem! Our chefs have a lot of experience whipping up kid-friendly meals and snacks.

Day 1

Upon arrival in Coca you will be assisted with transportation to the river dock where your Amazon Honeymoon will begin. As you make your way down the 2 ½ ride on the Napo River in La Selva’s motorized canoe, you’ll be presented with a great introduction into the beauty of the jungle. See locals who live along the river and scenery leaving you in awe.

When you arrive to La Selva’s dock there is no need to worry about your luggage. From here an enjoyable walk into the primary forest on a clearly laid out path will lead you to the edge of the lagoon’s wetlands. Here, more of La Selva’s personnel are waiting to paddle you to the lodge.

The manager will greet you upon your arrival to the lodge. A short introduction be done. During this you’ll be served refreshing cocktails made special for the both of you. In the intro you’ll learn all you need to know about the following days you’ll be spending with us. Take some time to relax in your accommodations and later on in the evening, the first of many exciting memories will begin with your guide.

Afterwards, dinner will be served with a complimentary bottle of house wine.

Day 2, 3

These two days will be filled with different activities. You’ll find yourselves exploring the deep Amazon jungle with experienced guides. Learn more about this incredible ecosystem while listening to extraordinary sounds echoed within the forest walls and high above your head in the canopy.

At the observation tower you’ll be provided with a bird’s eye view overlooking a sea of green where colorful birds and primates dwell. Discover the hidden culture of the local tribes while they describe their customs.

They will welcome you to their community by offering food and stories.

In addition, romantic Amazon sunsets, couples’ massages, private dinners and more will be enjoyed with your loved one. While you are enjoying all of these wonderful activities you can be sure that our committed staff will be working hard behind the scenes to provide a one of kind and excellent service. Your suites will be cleaned and prepped daily and at night so that you can relax in utmost luxury while the sweet jungle sounds linger in to comfort you even more.

Don’t forget that on top of all this, a pampering session in La Selva’s Spa is included with a complete massage for both and you are free to choose a night to surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner with champagne included amidst the beautiful jungle scenery.

Day 4
Your final day at La Selva has arrived, but without a doubt you are feeling more in love than ever before thanks to the unique setting of the Amazon. Today you’ll be transferred back to Coca, retracing the same steps you took to arrive. When you arrive to the airport, La Selva representatives will make sure everything is ready to go and you’ll be soon on your way back to Quito. At the airport in Quito another La Selva rep will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.

We love having birdwatchers at the lodge, and here are just a few things we do to make your birdwatching experience unforgettable:
– Native guides from local communities: they may not speak much English, but they know the local names of all of the birds, and better yet, where to find them!
– Early breakfasts
– An observation tower high in the rainforest canopy Quiet, hand-paddled canoes for seeing birds on the lagoon and the creeks that lead in and out of it.
– Private, specialized birdwatching guides upon request with an additional fee. Why opt for our private guide? Read this.




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