Quilotoa: The lake in the heart of an active volcano

The most spectacular crater lakes in the world is just 178km south west from Quito. We leave in the morning, if the weather allows we´ll look up the famous “Volcanoes Avenue”. We continue to visit an indigenous market where many types of food, animals, and clothing are sold. We will later drive to the community of Quilotoa, where the indigenous people cultivate crops at an altitude of over 4.000 m. (13.120 ft.), and where the famous Tigua paintings are found. Visit the community and one of its major attractions, the Quilotoa Lake, located in a volcanic crater. 

The lake is characterized by the contrast between the crystal-clear water and the dark volcanic rocks. We´ll start our visit with an amazing view from one of the crater´s lookout, after getting a spectacular photos we´ll hike into the crater. The trek down takes just 20-30 minutes over steep, sandy terrain. Don’t forget that the trek up is much harder, especially at high altitude! Most tourists make it out in under 1 hour, but it’s no race so just take your time. Locals also rent out mules for about $10 for those who really can’t face the daunting upwards slog.

Afterwards, we’ll return to Quito. 

Days of Indigenous Markets visited in this tour:

Sunday & Wednesday:                 Pujilí

Thursday:                                        Saquisilí

Saturday:                                        Zumbahua

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