EcoGalaxy Catamaran

Explore the “Enchanted Islands” on board the M/C EcoGalaxy a First Class Catamaran, built for sailing the Galapagos Islands while preserving its fragile ecosystem, and of course its beauty.

The social areas of the catamaran are the perfect place to witness the endless wonderful landscapes in a private and intimate atmosphere.


TUE am San Cristobal: Lobos Island
WED am Santa Fe: Santa Fe
pm South Plazas: South Plaza
THU am Seymour: North Seymour
pm Mosquera: Mosquera
FRI am Genovesa: Darwin Bay
pm Genovesa: Barranco
SAT am Santa Cruz: Highlands
SAT am Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
SUN am Isabela: Moreno Point
pm Isabela: Elizabeth Bay
MON am Isabela: Urbina Bay
pm Isabela: Tagus Cove
TUE am Fernandina: Espinoza Point
pm Genovesa: Barranco
WED am Santiago: Egas Port
pm Rabida: Rabida
THU am Santa Cruz: Black Turtle Cove
THU am Santa Cruz: Bachas Beach
FRI am Santiago: Sullivan Bay
pm Bartolome: Bartolome
SAT am Santa Cruz: Highlands
pm Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
SUN am Floreana: Cormorant Point / Devil’s Crown
pm Floreana: Post Office Bay
MON am Española: Suarez Point
pm Española: Garnerd Bay / Gardner Islet / Osborn Islet
TUE am San Cristobal: Interpretation Center




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