Galaxy Diver II YACHT

This exclusive yacht will take you to the most incredible diving sites in the Galapagos Islands and will allow you to discover their underwater world, offering a unique experience for diving lovers.

Explore the underwater diversity that exists in this natural reserve, with our cutting-edge diving equipment and highly experienced staff. Live a world-class diving experience, surrounded by sharks, whales, manta rays, rays, turtles, penguins, iguanas, sea lions and much more. All in one place.


WED pm: Baltra: Baltra Northeast / Check Dive
THU am: Santa Cruz Island: Carrion Point
pm: Navigation: In route to Wolf Island
FRI am: Wolf Island: Shark Bay / La Banana
pm: Wolf Island: La Ventana Islet / El Derrumbe
SAT am: Darwin Island: El Arenal
pm: Darwin Island: The Darwin’s Arch
SUN am: Darwin Island: El Arenal
pm: Wolf Island: El Derrumbe / Shark Bay
MON am: Fernandina Island: Douglas Cape
pm: Isabela Island: Vicente Roca Point
TUE am: Santiago Island: Cousin Rock
pm: Santa Cruz Island: Highlands
WED am: Santa Cruz Island: Transfer to Baltra Airport
WED am: Santa Cruz: Bachas Beach
THU am: Santiago Islands: Sullivan Bay
pm: Rabida: Rabida
FRI am: Fernandina: Espinoza Point
pm: Isabela: Tagus Cove
SAT am: Isabela: Urbina Bay
pm: Isabela: Elizabeth Bay
SUN am: Isabela: Tintoreras
pm: Isabela: Wetlands
MON am: Floreana: Post Office Bay
pm: Floreana: Cormorant Point
TUE am: Santa Cruz: Highlands
pm: Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Station
WED am: Seymour: Seymour




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