Napo Wildlife Center

Leave city life behind and escape to our eco-friendly community for a life-changing experience you will cherish. Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park, covering nearly 2.5 million acres of lush Amazon rainforest, is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

This is a fascinating place like no other! Our facility is the only one of its kind located within the vibrant heart of one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on our planet.


DAY 1:
Arrival in Coca by plane and car to a private dock. Board a boat along the Napo River to the welcome area and a quiet trip in rowing canoes to the lodge’s lake. Possibility of spotting monkeys and birds. Reception at the Napo Wildlife Center and accommodation.

DAY 2:
Visit the parrot clay lick to observe five species of parrots, parakeets and macaws. Then, visit the Kichwa Interpretation Center and walk through the forest to watch birds. Return to the lodge and dinner.

DAY 3:
Sunrise hike to a forest observation tower to spot birds and wildlife from above. After lunch, visit a mainland forest to watch Tamarin monkeys and canoe on the lake in search of otters. Observation from a second tower in the hotel.

DAY 4:
Early departure by boat along the Añangu stream, enjoying nature at dawn. Return to Coca by motorized boat and check-in for the return flight to Quito, following the airline’s itinerary.

DAY 1:
Arrival in Coca, boat trip along the Napo River to the lodge. Bird and monkey watching. Reception and accommodation at the Napo Wildlife Center.

DAY 2:
Sunrise hike to an observation tower to spot birds and wildlife from above. Optional activities at the lodge, visit to the forest and canoe tour on the lake.

DAY 3:
Visit to the parrot clay lick to observe 5 species. Visit to the Kichwa Interpretation Center “Kuri Muyu” and walk along forest trails.

DAY 4:
Hike trails to spot wildlife. Canoe exploration through streams. Talk about the community and the Napo Wildlife Center.

DAY 5:
Early departure by boat and transfer back to Coca for the flight back to Quito. The flight schedule will be announced by the airline.

Day 1
Starts with a flight to Coca followed by a boat journey along the Napo River to the lodge. Upon arrival at the private dock, a break and box lunch are provided for the journey. Next, a paddle canoe ride continues towards the lodge, with the chance to spot various bird species and monkeys along the way. Upon reaching the Napo Wildlife Center, visitors are greeted with a welcome drink and briefed on the hotel’s services before being guided to their jungle-view rooms.

Day 2
Involves a visit to a nearby parrot clay lick to observe 5 species of parrots, parakeets, and macaws. Following this, a trek through a forest trail to the Kichwa Interpretation Center “Kuri Muyu,” led by women from the community. Lunch is served at the Napo Cultural Center restaurant, followed by a visit to the Kurimuyu Interpretation Center to learn about the Kichwa culture. The day concludes with dinner at the ecolodge and free time to enjoy before nightfall.

Day 3
Includes a sunrise walk to the forest canopy observation tower, located 20 minutes from the hotel. From there, breathtaking views can be enjoyed, observing birds and monkeys in their natural habitat. In the afternoon, there’s a paddle canoe ride through the flooded forest to explore and observe wildlife such as lizards and various bird species.

Day 4
A challenging hike along the “Guangana” trail, covering varied terrain including flooded and dry forests. Local biodiversity will be explored, searching for the unique mammal called “guangana” and possibly encountering jaguar tracks. In the afternoon, a boat tour of the Añangucocha lagoon takes place, home to diverse wildlife species like monkeys, otters, and a wide range of flora.

Day 5
The day is dedicated to exploring the Pañacocha lagoon across the Napo River. It offers a fun-filled adventure to discover nature and wildlife. There are chances to spot pink dolphins, and the 90-minute canoe trip showcases jungle life before reaching Pañacocha.

Guests receive an introduction to the area and lunch to enjoy on the canoe or at a nearby lodge. If conditions permit, it’s time for a swim in the lagoon. Here, various species like macaws, sloths, monkeys, anacondas, and diverse flora can be spotted. The wetland also hosts caimans and birds.

After a delicious meal prepared by the chefs, a night walk reveals the jungle’s nocturnal life. The day ends resting in the lodge cabins, offering a restful night in the Amazon.

Day 6
We depart early in the morning for our final excursion, sailing downstream along the Napo River until we reach the Añangu Community Dock, where we’ll meet other guests returning to El Coca.

The flight schedule from El Coca to Quito will be announced according to the arrangements and itineraries proposed by the airline.




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